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September 2008

Sept 28 2008 It is a Heartfelt Blessing that Heidi Michel tagged me.  Being a fast little critter, I can be pretty hard to catch up with.  She said I have to tell you 7 little known facts about me.  Since I pretty much share almost everything, it's really hard to come up with this stuff, so let's see...
  1. I really am a happy dog.  I know that I don't smile in my pictures, but I'm as happy as I can be!  But I mainly smile when in motion or just before my plate is served.
  2. No human food for me!  How can you eat that stuff?  I live for free range lamb & rice dog food.  Ann hooks me up almost as good as she does her customers.
  3. I have one black toenail.
  4. I have two beds, a blanket in the office & a special chair outside.  A director must have choices readily available when I want to lay my weary head.
  5. I really do like having my still picture taken.  At this point I'd rather be the director of the videos than in them.  There's only so much a dog can do!
  6. Ann thinks I like Cecil best, but it's her lap I sit in to watch TV.
  7. I haven't chewed a stamp in at least a year.

So there you have it!  Thank you Heidi.  You are a real Heartfelt Blessing to tag me.  I'm not allowed to play tag.  Gets me too worked up. 


   Chow, Baby!

Sept 27 2008 Just when you thought it couldn't get any better.....I updated the Art Gallery!  There's more to come, but I've got to go sweep the dog house.  OK - I don't have a dog house, but I should probably help by starting with the kitchen floor.  Sure.  I'll sweep that the best way I can without using my invisible opposing thumbs.

If Ann found out about those, she'd insist I TYPE my blog instead of just dictating it.  Oh, and isn't this a cool card Ann received in a swap with Ruth Bingle.  Gotta love that girl!


   Chow, Baby!

P.S.  And here's a shout out to the new Yuba City crew that Ann stamped with last night.  She thought you were the nicest humans since......the last time she stamped with humans!  (snort)  Come on over & pet me sometime!


Sept 26 2008 Looking for a way to present a gift card that they'll remember?  Here's one that's fast & fabulous!

Check out this Shirt Gift Card Presenter & more videos here.

   Chow, Baby!

Sept 25 2008 Oy vey!  That's the last time I guess at who made a card for my site!  I sniffed yesterday's feature card & could've sworn that those were Karen Johnson's fingerprints on it.  NOPE!  It was Karen NEWQUIST!  My little sniffer must be off!  She's a brand new demonstrator on Ann's team.  That card looked so good I thought that it came from a more experienced set of hands.  Let's give Karen Newquist a high five for her excellent card!  Just click on it, or any card on this site & see it close up.

So now I'll bet that you'd like to see another cool card, eh?  Another one that got my drool flowing.  Today's card was from a swap invitational.  This stamper really knows her stuff!  It's past my bedtime, so I'm not going to guess her name tonight.  Tomorrow, tomorrow.... and we'll talk about the fun we had last night too!

But don't YOU miss out on getting this set for 15% off!  The sale's over in just a few days!

      Chow, Baby!
Sept 24 2008 Have you started your Christmas cards yet?  Halloween cards?  Thanksgiving cards?  Birthday cards?  It's only 11 months, 1 week & 2 days until my birthday.  You should start planning now.

Need some inspiration?  Here's one that inspired me!  My bud Karen Newquist stamped it.  Just makes me feel like Fall's coming.  OOPS!  It's here!  Can you believe that this is made with the same set that yesterday's featured card was made with!  The Eastern Blooms stamp set is on sale with almost a dozen stamp sets for just a few more days for 15% off!  Gotta get them while they're cheap-ola!  It's a fast & fabulous card that can be used for any occasion.  Love those!  (as usual, just click on the card to see it up close & personal)

Ann's got 12 weeks of Christmas ideas coming to everyone on her newsletter list.  Here's one from last year.  You'd best get on there so you can get inspired by all of them!  Just use the form at the top left of this page so you won't miss one!

      Chow, Baby!
Sept 23 2008 I got a new job!  Here I am as Official Guardian of the Stamps!  Don't I look like I belong here?  What you don't understand is that my head is about 5' off the ground!  Jeez, there are a lot of stamps in this closet!  Ann's been cleaning out her room so you you can come over & stamp with her one on one.  It'll be so nice!  I even found a corner I can sleep in. 

You don't think that 4 dog beds in the house is too much, do you?

You've all been patiently waiting & now I'm able to share the project that was voted the Best Swap for the 24/7 Stampers meeting.  Didn't Jolene do a nice job?  And to top it off, there's a pocket inside to give a gift card!  I wonder if there's a little outfit she'd like me to pick out.  You know....one that goes with my eyes.

We put some of the swaps in the Art Gallery.  Go take a look!  And go ahead & get that cool Spooky Spider stuff for your windows, doors & treat jars.  I'd like one on MY treat jar!  But Ann said that I can't get one unless YOU do!

      Chow, Baby!
Sept 19 2008 STOP THE PRESSES!  The Spooky Spider IS available, but at this time you can only order it directly through an email or call to Ann.  It will be available for you to use the online ordering soon (like later today or MONDAY), but for now, bug us!  (get it?  BUG us?)

And while I have your attention....starting in just two weeks we'll be featuring our Annual 12 Weeks of Christmas ideas.  If you'd like to get them, please be sure to sign up for the newsletter at the top right of this page!

      Chow, Baby!
Sept 19 2008 I was going along, minding my own business.  I wasn't paying any attention to that cool jar Ann bought where my buddy Gail installed some Snickers & Kisses.  I'm used to big bees and stuff, but BAM!  There it was!  The Spooky Spider! 

You can buy it now!  Look at this flyer to determine your size and then just click here to buy it now!!  It wasn't supposed to be out until October 1st, but I personally talked those at Stampin' Up! into changing their minds because you're going to LOVE IT!

Of course, Ann bought her medium jar at Target.  It was only about $7-8.  The medium spider (#114762) fits it.  Or you could get real spooky & cut off the legs of the big one (#114763)!  YIKES!  No one will EVER mess with THAT JAR!

      Chow, Baby!
Sept 18 2008

I'll bet you're checking back to see which of the cards was the inspiration piece.  Ann took the original cards to the 24/7 Stampers meeting and it was pretty much a split decision....just like the poll here in Monday's post.

If you thought that it was Zoe Farmer's card here, then you were right!  (Although a slight majority thought it was Ann's gold one.)Isn't Zoe's card purdy?  I liked it right away because it had my favorite color on it.  Did you know that the color red makes you salivate?  Dogs know these things.  You can see the full sized cards here.  Remember...this set is now just $21.21 for this month only!

My stampin' board is over half full!  This is where the fun begins!  Get a chance when you purchase $50 OR when you host your own workshop with Ann.  Gotta love it!


      Chow, Baby!
Sept 15 2008

What a wild weekend!  We were having a great time stamping Christmas cards at the Jingle All the Way class on Saturday.  Mary was quite a popular name.  I got to kiss Val.  WOOF WOO!  All in all it was very fun.

The stampers that were here on Saturday know the answer to this question on the right so they can't take this poll.  One of these beautiful cards was the inspiration for the other.  They both use the same products (moved around a little) except for the border of Handsome Hunter & the Ticket Corner Punch.

SOOOOO.....which one do YOU this was the inspiration piece? Go ahead!  Guess!  Here are close ups to the dry embossing if you think that will help.  The white one has red marker lines drawn on the dry embossing hills.  The gold one has dry embossing valleys.  See extreme close ups of both cards here when you click on them.  (see 9/18 post for poll results)

  I think Ann may be offering this as a Class in the Mail soon, but for SURE you can get the Snow Swirled (set of 6 stamps) for only $21.21 (15% off the normal $24.95) when you shop with us now.
     Chow, Baby!
Sept 14 2008 I love being the Big Shot around here, but I'm finding that I have to move over & make room for my namesake machine.  Ann & her stampin' pals are having just too much fun with it!  They were here yesterday making snowflakes!  I'll show some of those Jingle cards soon.  In the meantime, I just want to say "Step away from the machine!I'm the Big Shot!

The club girls are making this cute card using the Birds & Blooms Sizzlet dies that come in the Starter kit*.  YOWZAH!  Looks just like a picnic using that Bella Rose designer paper.  I kept looking for ants on this card!   You can see more Big Shot Ideas in the Art Gallery.

Hope you can come play soon too!  *(pssst!  Ann's giving you free shipping on all dies you purchase until June 30, 2009 when you buy one of the Big Shot starter kitsWARNING!  They are NOT a kit to grow another little Stamper Dog.  This is a clone free blog!)

     Chow, Baby!

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Sept 12 2008 How lucky we are to be alive!  Ya know, sometimes I've need to put a card up just because it makes Ann smile.  Today's that kind of day.  She's meeting with the 24/7 Stampers on Monday without me.  Something about not having dogs in a restaurant.  She got some really cool swaps in the mail and this one immediately made her smile.

So I grabbed it when she was off in the shower & used my invisible opposing thumbs to take these pictures of Deb Kelley's swap.  Ain't it GO-JUS?  If you go into the Bella Rose part of the Art Gallery, you'll see it REALLY close up because I think she put diamonds on it!  They're all dazzling just enough to catch your eye.

Sorry about the shadow stripes.  I was too busy trying to leave those big bees alone that frequent the passion flower that this was taken under.

Can't wait to see the rest of them!

      Chow, Baby!
Sept 11 2008 Happy Day, America!  Are you flying your flags?  I know I am!
      Chow, Baby!
Sept 10 2008 Greetings, one & all!  Welcome to the new & hopefully slightly improved StamperDog.com.  Does this new layout make my head look big?

Look at one of the cool things that I got in the mail this week!  You'll see Stinker Doodle Bug's cool card soon, but I have to show you Cassie Larson's incredible edible stuff before I devour it!  Just click on the picture & you'll see her special card for me with the matching doggy treats!  Between that & Stinker Doodle Bug's card & VERY impressive pictured label, Ann has GOT to start realizing who's the star around here!

Today is a very good day!  It's the week of the Guinea Girl!  Guinea Girls are stampers that like to try new things.  And today I've got something really special for you Guinea Girls to try!  ONLINE ORDERING!  Yep.  Direct to Stampin' Up! using the new & improved online CATALOG & ordering system! 
Just click on the sign anywhere on my site and be able to get exactly what you need.  You'll also be able to get a chance at a $100 stampin' gift certificate to use towards anything your heart desires from the catalog OR even apply it towards your starter kit if you'd like to join our team

Did you know that Ann's given out $600 in the last year to 6 lucky stampers?  Woof hoof!  (That's Dog Speak for woo hoo!)  You can get on it too just by letting your fingers do the shopping.

Make your own online order this week and you may just win this World Card Making Day online or live class being held October 4th!  How cool is that?  You'll make these 4 cards AND the presentation box shown at the right all for FREE!  This Saturday at the Get a Jump on Your Jingle class I'll be giving away TWO FREE Upsy Daisy classes (Oct. 4th OR online class) so be sure to get your order in quick like a little Jack Russell!

    Chow Baby!    Stamper 

P.S.  Be sure to fly your flag tomorrow!

Sept 7 2008 What is it with this color combo?  Everyone wants it!  Everyone loves it!  And it's just a spin off of MY blue & green aura of MY website that's been here for at least a year.  OK.  It's not the SAME blue & green, but I know that it's all about me. 

Just click on the picture to see the rest of this card given to me for my birthday by Karen Johnson.  I'm sure it's for me cuz it says WONDERFUL on it!

I'm looking for some guinea girls.  What are guinea girls?  Why those are girls who want to try something new.  (I don't know any guinea PIGS, just Guinea GIRLS)  In this case, I'm looking for some Guinea Girls who would like to try a new type of ordering that I'll have available this week. 

These Guinea Girls will have a wish list of things that they want to order this week, but will wait for my command.  All you have to get on the Guinea Girl list and place any size order when I say it's okay.  You don't even have to have a catalog (tho I can help with that).

You can be a new customer or an experienced customer.  TWO of these Guinea Girls will receive a FREE Upsy Daisy Class shipped this week (a $20 value).  All you have to do is email me to find out the details.

But for the rest of you, you'll just have to wait to see what the Guinea Girls say about the surprise!  Believe me!  It's going to be a good one!  These are exciting times! 

      Chow, Baby!
Sept 6 2008 I've been busier than a dog catcher outside a dog park's broken fence!  YAHOO!  Got some cool news coming down the pike!  Stay tuned for the big roll out next week! 

How do you like this cool card that Ann did?  Almost looks like that Top Note she did with the Big Shot has wings, eh?  Love that Striped Grosgrain ribbon!  Heck!  I love it all!  Tastes gr8!

But in the meantime, don't miss out on the Early Bird savings so that you can "Get a Jump on Your Jingle"!  That's the class next week so that you can start making your Christmas cards early!  That will leave you a lot of time to plan for the one that you're going to send me! 

      Chow, Baby!
Sept 3 2008 Happy day after my birthday to me!  If you weren't here yesterday, you really missed the par-TEE!

Because it was my birthday, Stampin' Up! even released their new die cut machine that's named after ME!  BIG SHOT!  Have you got yours yet?  Ask Ann to show you my namesake at your party!

In dog years, I'm old enough to drink.  So if you missed yesterday, I'll be looking for your belated birthday card in the mail soon! 

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