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February 2009

Feb 27 2009 Where do YOU get your inspiration from?  I get mine just walking out the door!  Ann made this gray & white card from a card she saw somewhere.  It feels almost like suede!  Feels almost as good as my fur!  It's made with gasket material from the local auto parts store.  Did you know that the Big Shot can cut through some 50 different kinds of material? 

Be sure you get your Big Shot Starter Kit from Ann.  She's got a great special to help you get started.  You'll get TONS of free stuff when you buy now.   You'll get even more than the $100 of free stuff from Stampin' Up!!  Read all about it here.

From that, she made the Chocolate Chip rose as a spin off at a recent workshop.  It uses the That one's cool too!  Click on them both for a close up.

Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

Tune back in tomorrow.  Got a new camera yesterday and we're working on some fun stuff just for you including an


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Feb 26 2009 Isn't this a pack of cool projects?  They feature the Faux Silk Technique that some of the Technique Geeks learned a few months ago.  Now you can do it too! 

This class is offered at my Central Bark home on Saturday, March 14th or by mail if you're too far from my yard.

You can get more information or register by clicking this cute little orange bar below.  You won't want to miss this one with that cool Raspberry Tart paper.

  - And there's a free stamp set when the class is full!

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Feb 24 2009 Here little birdie!  Cheep!  Cheep!  Come on over & let's be friends!

I found this pretty birdie with the Rhinestone Brad eye on the table today.  He's pretty quiet.  Not like those other birds that torment me in my back yard. 

I think I like this one better.  Looks an awful lot like the ones in the Good Friend part of my Art Gallery!


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Feb 23 2009 A bottle of wine, a trip to Starbucks & a nice card from friends.  What more could a stamper girl ask for?  Here are two more cool cards from Roxanne Thornton (left) & Gail Kunsman.  Aren't they cool?   Remember to click on them for the full effect.

We had such a good time at the Banniversary Bunko party on Saturday!  It's been raining ever since so I've been curled up in my blanket for most of the past two days.  This dog wasn't meant to get wet & I have the raincoat to prove it.  Ann pretty much has to shove me out the door even with protection!  When I was a pup, she used to come out with an umbrella AND make me wear a raincoat!  Special dogs need special protection!

We're working on a video to share the project they did at half-time.  PLUS we'll be announcing the winner of the $100 from the Giveaway Board.  (Hint:  She's already spent it so she knows who she is!)

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Feb 20 2009 The YC Naz Stampers were here last night stampin' their (he)art out.  Look at the fun cards they made using the same layout with punches and the Big Shot Texturz plates!  Gotta love that Thoughts & Prayers stamp set.

This is the time to take advantage of Ann's Big Shot Starter Kit Special.  Everything you need to get a good start at using the Big Shot PLUS a free Sizzlet & free shipping on all dies until 6/30/09 (only from Ann & me) AND 4 Sale-A-Bration picks (stamp sets, ribbon bundle &/or Designer Paper shown here) AND a FREE Hostess Set AND $20 in your choice of merchandise!  Such a deal!

You DO know that you can click on almost any picture to see it up close & personal, right?  There's more in the Art Gallery.

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Feb 19 2009 Human, oh human!  Those stampers partied so much here for Ann's birthday I just couldn't even get either one of us close to the computer!  Mary put a real spread out that only humans could appreciate.  Mary gave me a cell phone charm that she made that says Dog Lover & has a paw print on it.  She whispered to me that she had to make Ann think it was for her so that I could have it.  All Ann really got was her favorite bottle of wine. 

So for all you stampers out there with the good wishes, Ann made this card and had the stampers make their own version of it.  It's just to let you know how much we both appreciate you.  Honestly, I think that a touch of those Big Shot Texturz plates with the polka dots across the top Pretty in Pink part would really set this puppy off.  That Raspberry Tart paper & the new Organza Ribbon is pretty cool too.

Gotta love it!  And we love YOU! 

and P.S.  Remember to spay or neuter your pets & weird friends & relatives - and vote for me for the Humane Society's Spay Day 2009.  I could be the poster dog!

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Feb 17 2009 Come on!  Sing it with me!  It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood....

This picture isn't half as good as what the rainbow across the street looked like.  We could see both ends!  If Cecil was feeling better, we'd have gone into the orchard looking for the pots of gold with a shovel in our paws.

Aren't these cool cards that Ann got in the mail over the weekend?  From left to right, Amanda Kossow, Chris Nefskey, Jan Pochert & Mary Haugen.

Good job stampers!

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Feb 16 2009 Tomorrow's the big day!  Ann's turning 22!  We're celebrating with the Yuba City stamp club.  There are still a couple seats left for Bunko on Saturday.  Call or email Ann or register online.  Just get here!  All the money goes to prizes and there will be lots!  Don't know how to play?  That's okay.  Even a pup can play this one!  Ann says it's kind of like group Yahtzee. 

And I think I'm getting my hair done as well as a manicure & pedicure.  You'll have to check me out!

Got 1 more paper share left.  Are you the lucky person to get in?  Ann's cutting paper today for them all to go out tomorrow.  Check it out here.

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V Day 2009 Today's a day of pairs.  Whether you're part of a pair or not, I am YOUR love puppy today!  Take a moment to check out the pairs we got here this week!

The cards were made by my Doodle Bug & her human, Kay Jackson.  The one on the left uses Lumiere & is for Ann's birthday coming next week.  The one on the right is from Doodles for me for Valentines.  I am quite the stud, you know! 

Then Jen Clark sent us something in this cool envelope she made.  I couldn't think of a better page to recycle! 

Then there's the the pair of things that I am not allowed to touch.  I don't think I'm even allowed to speak of these things....but I'll tell you.  Those are two of Cindy Williams' truffles!  I think Ann said that they are to die for, but I'm sure she meant that they'd kill me if I ate them.  (please don't feed chocolate to your dog.)

Thanks friends!  Enjoy your day!  I'm selling kisses for a dollar a pop.  Stop by when you've got a minute. 

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Feb 13 2009 How exciting!  It's your lucky day!  Stampin' Up! has released this new video with some ideas that just make me salivate!  If you've been thinking about a Big Shot, you need to get one NOW!  Ann's got a pretty cool Friday the 13th Big Shot Special so you can get lots of free stuff to get started.  (Love those Texturz plates!) >>>>>


Then for those of you who were thinking that you'd like a career change either full time or part time to something that you'd LOVE to do, you are in the right place!  You can join my mob - OK - Ann's team of 24/7 Stampers for only $169 AND a free stamp set of your choice (up to $47.95) from the big book!  That's over half off the value of what you get.    (& $30 off the usual price that doesn't include that bonus stamp set.)  You'll even get free shipping too!  Gotta love that!

Talk to Ann today or check out what's in the Starter Kit.  You won't be sorry!  Tell your sweetie that this weekend is an exciting time to become a demonstrator!  Go ahead!  Make this your lucky day!

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Feb 12 2009 Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln!

These skinny tins are still available for purchase.  Just use the SHOP NOW button & order #108333.  You can have them for only $1.95 each!  For best results, be sure that you use the Embossing Buddy #103083.

Does your sweetie know what you want for Valentines Day?  Have him email me so you can get what you REALLY want.  OR order it yourself!

Here's a shout out to my little Doodles who sent me a really nice Valentine Card with a REALLY BIG heart on it.  I think she's hot for me!  The thought makes me shake with excitement!

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Feb 11 2009 I raided Ann's stash when she was napping after her early morning appearance on Fox 40.  No video yet, but I know that some of you out there are coming to my rescue on that one!  In the meantime, here are close ups of some of what she featured in the display.  Click pictures to go to the Art Gallery section for the items.

There are even more cool ideas in the Art Gallery!

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Feb 10 2009 I have been waiting for this day!  It's finally here!  I'm pulling my blanket out in the middle of the room so I can get a good look at Ann and all her friends down at Fox 40 Live!  She & Rosemary Orozco will be making my favorite box.  You know which one it is!  The one with the special treats in it that I woke her up to make!  This is the one that they are doing.  Tomorrow we'll post close ups of those fabulous samples on the table.

Now if she'll just turn on the TV before she leaves!  In the meantime, I'm off to find the remote!

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Feb 8 2009 Do you know where you were 10 years ago today?  I wasn't even a twinkle in my great grandpa's eye when Ann was starting her life as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.  Ann's had some wonderful jobs, but she's done this one longer than ANYTHING.  She's done it part time.  She's done it once a month with her friends.  And for almost 5 years, she's been doing this full time.  3-1/2 years ago she got smart & brought me on board.

So look what Stampin' Up! sent her this week!  Is this cool or what?  Click on it & you'll see those diamonds up close.  Yep, they're real.  Small, but real.  Just like me.  If I'm lucky, she'll let me wear it on my collar.

So happy anniversary, Ann!  10 years!  WOW!  And if YOU'D like to share the same anniversary date with Ann, just email her so that you can chat & see what the next step is for YOU to have fun at work!!  Maybe one day, you'll be lucky enough to own a Jack Russell!  Pssst!   - do it YOUR way.  My clone might be taking this thing just a bit too far.  What would you call it?  Ink Spot?

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Feb 7 2009 Do you know what TODAY is?  It's "Send a Card to a Friend Day"!  Dust off your stamps & get out your postage & envelopes & send your friend a card!  If you get Ann's newsletter, my address is at the top & bottom. (hint, hint)

This is a close up of the Glitter Window technique that Ann taught at the latest Technique Geeks class.  The card is made using the Movers & Shapers Big Shot die cut.  Click on the picture to see the whole card made with Pacific Point textured cardstock.

Wait until you see whazzup for tomorrow!

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Feb 5 2009 Ann met some cool chickadees in Sacramento last night.  She had so much fun she almost lost her voice!  (DRAT!  ALMOST!)

Don't you just LOVE this card?  My Doodle Bug would really like this one.  It's all purple-y, just like grape jelly on peanut butter.  (PB without the J & bread is my FAVORITE!)  Click it for a close up!

They learned the Magic Snowflake technique at the Technique Geeks Class.  Look at that cool Certainly Celery Polytwill.  It's hecka cool.  Don't miss the next Technique Geeks on March 3rd!  I'll be posting the registration soon, but you can get a jump on it if you're on the newsletter list.

Looks like it should be a video - if I could just get that new camera to work!  Perhaps I'll dig out the old one.  I've had so many emails from my adoring fans out there, that I hate to disappoint. 

.....and the Oscars are just around the corner!

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Feb 4 2009 WOW!  Ann just showed me her picture from Orlando.  She said she was working but I think she was having too much fun!  She's got those funny 3-D glasses on so you might not recognize her in the front row on the far right. 

Just never know where being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator will take you.

Just wait until tomorrow when I post last night's projects from Technique Geeks.  Your mouth will drop when you come back.

     Chow, Baby!
Feb 3 2009 I'm dedicating this cool card they did at Stamp Fest with the Friends 24-7 stamp set to my girl Doodles.  Isn't it cool?  Ann's going to show how to get the best impressions from the Texturz plates in her newsletter this week.  I just stole this picture off the camera to give you a sneak peek.  Be sure you're signed up for it!  (see top left)

Doodles has been pining for a picture of me.  Gosh, girlfriend!  I posted one with me and all the boxes of stamps, papers & dies last week!  That's okay.  I know that getting a glimpse of greatness can be very enticing so here it is in the form of an announcement ...

The first group of the paper share went out yesterday.  Those of you who got in early got some nice little Fleurettes.  just click on my picture and if you can get past my glow, you'll see the little crocheted flowers.  I'm just guarding them until my favorite postal worker shows up.  I'm good that way.  We've got another group going out later this week.

There are only FOUR spots left if you want to get into the last group.  After that, we're done.  As soon as those are full, we'll get that paper down here & slice away into 6" x 6" samples.  Check it out here.

     Chow, Baby!
Feb 2 2009 Happy Groundhog's Day!  I'm more interested in MY shadow than that Phil character.  My shadow's gotten a little big around the middle and perhaps I should give that little rodent a little chase!

I could learn the tango to get some exercise!  The Tangerine Tango, of course!  That's the color of this project.  It's done with the new Curly Label Punch Die for the Big Shot!  My Big Shot Babes are eyeing it really good & some are getting it with the free shipping we give them because they got their Big Shot here.  (pssst!  You DO know that it's named after me, right?)

Don't miss out on all your free stuff! 

  1. Get a free catalog & idea book with any size order when you shop online (while supplies last).
  2. Get a free set from here for every $50 you spend. 
  3. AND if this is the right time for you to start your own stampin' business, let me help you.  Ann will pitch in too.  On top of the already cool Starter Kit, you'll get to pick ANY stamp set in the catalog AND save 15% when you start today.  Have questions?  Check out the FAQs jump in & get started from here (look for link at the bottom of the page).  We'll BOTH help you get what you want from this exciting adventure.

Congratulations to those of you on our list of Super Bowl winners!  Next time, let's see YOUR name on here!


Prize Winner
1 Level One Hostess Set Kay Jackson, TX
2 Pack of Ribbon Originals Deb Murray, MN
3 Pack of Latte Buttons Amanda Kossow, CA
4 Pack of Flower Asst. Brads Jan Barrie, IL
Special Teams Prizes
Big Shot Babe Embosslit Gail Kunsman, CA


Demonstrator Apron Noelia Roman, Puerto Rico
     Chow, Baby!
1st down & 10

Feb 1 2009


JUMPIN' GEE-HO-SO-FAT!  It's a SURPRISE PLAY!  Stampin' Up! sure knows how to keep a secret!  and now I'm going to share it with all my favorite puppies out there!    It's REALLY a good time to join our team now!  Not only are they going to give you a free stamp set of your choice (up to $47.95), they're ALSO going to give you 15% off the Starter Kit!  Now you can get up to $335 of stampin' stuff (PLUS THE EXTRA SET) for only $169!  What a good time to kick off your business!

PLUS>>> if you do it b4 the Super Bowl is over, you'll get a chance to get a Stampin' Up! designed apron!  Woof, woof!  (canine woo hoo!)

Check out my FAQs section or go straight and do it before you over think this great opportunity to get started in your own business.  The secret word you need is me!  Use the password - stamperdog - & it will get you started on the fast track to stampin' fun & success how YOU want it!

Don't you love this teepee card from the Stamp Fest on Saturday?It's made the the new Sale-A-Bration Paper & Polka Dot Punches that you can get for free.  On the front it says "I'm always there for you".  On the inside it says "In good times & bad".    Kinda like me & Ann.

     Chow, Baby!
Super Bowl Week end This is it!  Tomorrow's the day to put your game face on!  Get out your catalogs & let's get ready to rumble!  Those of you on Ann's newsletter list have already been planning your plays.  Here's how it works:
  • If you want the Love You Much Bundle for 20% off, today's the last day!  Either shop directly online  email Ann or call me (ok - ANN) with your order & credit card # if she doesn't already have it on file. 

    What a cool Leadership swap that was made with the bundle!  but it's only available Saturday, January 31st!


Shop February 1st

Get all this cool stuff below
when you shop
before or during the Super Bowl!

  • A free stamp set or accessory from this selection of Sale-A-Bration items for every $50 you purchase from the catalog.  (they're in the mail now)
    (Sorry - this does NOT combine with the Love You Much Bundle)
  • Every purchase gets a ticket towards the prizes listed below.  The earlier you shop, the better chance you get.  Orders will be time stamped when you order direct online, email Ann or call & leave a voice mail with your order & credit card # if she doesn't already have it on file.  (I can't pick up the phone.  It's the missing thumbs thing.
Qtr Prize pg# Value
1 Level One Hostess Set 17-18 $16.95
2 Pack of Ribbon Originals 178 12.95
3 Pack of Latte Buttons 176 7.95
4 Pack of Flower Asst. Brads 175 6.95
END Special Teams Prizes (scroll down) priceless
  • Purchase a Big Shot Starter Package (must be by email or phone) and FOUR FREE Sale-A-Bration sets, a FREE Level 1 Hostess Set & $20 of your choice of Stampin' Rewards.  Ann will throw in a Sizzlet of your choice so you can get all this free stuff from Stampin' Up!.  As always, we give FREE SHIPPING (up to 10%) on all your die purchases until 6/30/09 (only available from Ann, my hero)


  • If you are a Big Shot Babe who's making a Super Bowl purchase (that means you have purchased a Big Shot Kit from Ann at any time), you'll get entered into a Special Teams drawing to win an $11.95 Embosslit.
  • There's another Special Teams drawing for those of you joining Ann's team of Stampin' Up! Demonstrators (I lovingly call them the 24/7 Stampers) between midnight & the end of the game.  You'll be placed in a drawing to win a free Stampin' Up! apron to help kick off your business!  They're black.  They're stylish & cool.  Everyone wants one.  And my hair just GLOWS on them when I shed!

    Join the team here with the secret code word stamperdog (no spaces or caps).  Have questions?  Many are answered here or you can email me.  I know everything.

    Chow, Baby!


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