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March 2009

March 31 2009 Today's your LAST CHANCE TO SALE-A-BRATEStampin' Up! is giving you a free stamp set, ribbon bundle or Designer Series Paper for every $50 that you purchase.  you can see your choices here.  You can get some Big Shot stuff like what was used here for the big scallop circle by Linda when she made this cool card.

It's also the last day that you can add the Fifth Avenue Flowers online class projects for FREE when you make a $75 purchase.  See those projects here.  Be sure that you contact Ann TODAY so you don't miss out!

Ann got a little carried away looking at over $7 million worth of fine art at the Waikoloa Resort.  She couldn't believe how close you could get to some of this stuff!  YOWZAH!  They'd be nice in my back yard. 

Be sure to show up tomorrow for the next big surprise that we've got for you!  It's the 5th Anniversary of Ann's working as a FULL TIME Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.

Whether you'd like to stamp with your friends or follow in Ann's footsteps, today is the last chance to take advantage of starting your business at the discounted rate of only $169.  Talk to Ann today.  I'll be getting ready for the party tomorrow.

      Chow, Baby!
March 30 2009 March is almost over!  In like a lion.  Out like a lamb!  Don't miss out on getting the Free Sale-A-Bration sets, ribbons & Designer Series Paper of your dreams.  They're only available until TOMORROW!  Ann's back from her hula lessons & ready to help you. 

Here's a Big Shot project she saw while she was there.  Is that cool or what?  Here's a picture when she visited the Rainbow Falls outside of Hilo

It's a wonderful time to get a Big Shot & get FOUR free Sale-A-Bration selections,  $20 in free stamps & stuff, a free level 1 Hostess set AND a free Sizzlet (only from Ann).  That's a ton of cool free stuff!  But only until tomorrow, March 31st.

It's also the last chance to get the online instructions for the set of 5 Fifth Avenue Floral projects pictured here when you spend $75.

Welcome new 24/7 Stampers who just joined us this weekend:

  • Maritza Roman, Ponce, Puerto Rico
  • Marcy Kiefer, Canton, Ohio

You can too!  But the $169 & free set special ends on 3/31 too.  What a great way to kick off your business!   Ask Ann about it today!

      Chow, Baby & ALOHA!
March 29 2009

I was so excited to see Ann that I forgot to hit the SEND button on yesterday's post below.  (Sorry Felicity)

Here's another of Ann's things she was doing while at the Waikaloa Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii - practicing to be a model!  Or was that a Yoga Master?  What WAS she thinking?   It's another still from the movie camera so it's not quite as clear.

More soon as I unpack and forage through her stuff.

      Chow, Baby & ALOHA!
March 28 2009 Ann's home - well, kind of.  She was on a plane all night & so while her body's here. I'm wondering about the Ann I know & love.  She hasn't unpacked everything yet, but here's a picture of a project that they shared at the General Session in Hawaii.  She went down to take pictures of the display boards, but she'd left her little card in the computer in the room & took this one with my movie camera.

It's obvious that she needs my guidance when filming.

She ran into actress Felicity Huffman at Starbucks at the LA Airport.  She said that they had a nice quick chat but NOT ONCE did Felicity ask about me!  WOOF!  I don't care how nice, pretty & talented she is!  She should've at least asked what I thought about her performances in Desperate Housewives or any of the other cool stuff.

Still, for Ann, it was a very pleasant way to spend some time away from thinking about me.

      Chow, Baby & ALOHA!
March 27 2009 Ann's almost home!  It's about time!  I just want to know who are these two guys she's hanging out with & does Cecil know!  Looks pretty suspicious to me!

Since she's OBVIOUSLY not paying too much attention to business, I took a quick picture of another one of her swaps from her demonstrator friends.  This pretty Easter card is made with the Big Shot & that new Flower Daisies #2 die she's been itching to break out & use.

This is the BEST time to get a Big Shot while you can get 4 free Sale-A-Bration Sets, $20 in free stamps, a Level One Hostess sets & a Sizzlet of your choice only from Ann.

Just gotta do it today before all those Sale-A-Bration sets go away!

      Chow, Baby!
March 26 209 I'm still drooling over Ann's latest swap cards.  Here's another one with that fabulous Fifth Avenue Floral & some Designer Series Textured Cardstock.  Human, oh human!  I wish that I could read whose name is on the back.  Good job!

And here's a picture of a couple gifts that Ann told me that she got today!  Can't see inside the box until she pulls them out at the Drop Your Wallet Celebration, but I CAN tell you that there's a cool new stamp set & some stamp pads to make some really neat projects.  It's laying on a wrap that has a fancy name that starts with S.  I just know it's made with Ann's FAVORITE color....Real Red.

Those Stampin' Up! people must be psychic!

Make sure you sign up to Drop Your Wallet today!

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March 25 2009 Ann sent me this postcard from Hawaii.  She told me that she was taking Hula lessons & here she's taking cooking lessons!  I know they both look happy, but they got some news that Cecil's mom went to Heaven on Monday.  I'll have to give them both some extra cuddles when they come home.

While she's away, I found this cool card in her swap cards with the other hula girls.  Love the glitter, don't you?  If you want a Big Shot, this is the time to get it while you can get up to 4 or 5 free Sale-A-Bration stamp sets, Designer Paper or Ribbon Bundles.

Mahalo!  (I've been practicing my Hawaiian)

      Chow, Baby!
March 23 2009 So Ann's off for her Hula lesson, Shella's birthday was yesterday.  I partied so hard on her behalf, I forgot to tell you about it!  So now I'm here with nothing to do but to make you happy.  Mmmm.  Let's see.  How can I totally improve your day?  I know!  I can give something away!  Hold on.  Let me see what I can find. 

Here ya go!  Ann was only going to have this available for our friends on our newsletter list, but I think I'll share it with you too (if you don't tell her).  Spend $75 on anything this week and I'll give you the online color step by step instructions to make these 4 cool cards & the card carrier!  PLUS, of course, you'll get your pick of Sale-A-Bration items from the Sale-A-Bration mini catalog.

You can make them with this way cool Fifth Avenue Floral set or use one of your own fav sets.  In any case, it will be well worth it!  You can order online or shoot me an email with your credit card payment (unless I already know it).

If you want an even better offer than that, you'll need to join Ann's mailing list.  She's got something even bigger brewing that's over on Tuesday.  There are some things that even *I*, the great & powerful Stamper Dog can't do!

So happy birthday, Shella!  You KNOW you're one of our favorite humans!

      Chow, Baby! - And smooches too.
March 21 2009 OK.  So Shella's birthday isn't until TOMORROW!  I just can't be responsible for getting everything right while Ann's off learning the hula!  I'm focusing on guarding the stamps!  She's REALLY going to be upset when she finds out that I posted Nikki's card here.  I just couldn't resist!  It is just too cool and features that Big Shot Oval Scallop Die that Ann hasn't even taken out of the wrapper yet!  For SHAME!

How do you like the larger thumbnails of the pictures?  You KNOW I only do this for you!  Like how big do you want them?  Do you like today's or yesterday's size?  They just can't be bigger than ME!

Be sure you're on Ann's newsletter list so that you can buy with the big discount & get the Fifth Avenue Floral online instructions FREE!

      Chow, Baby!
March 20 2009 Happy Birthday, Shella!  And happy Spring to the rest of you!  Here's a card that looks better in real life, just like most of us.

Even I look better in real life!  I know that I rarely smile in my still shots.   That's because I am concentrating on looking my best....and keeping still which is really harder. 

I'm almost always smiling because I smile most when I'm in motion - which is most of the time!

If you don't have your Manhattan Flower Impressions Die for your Big Shot, this is the week to get it!  Make sure you're on the newsletter list so that you won't miss out while Ann's off practicing the hula!

And a late happy anniversary to Gail & Mike.

      Chow, Baby! - And smooches too.
March 19 2009

Human, oh human!  Do I have something special for you!  Hope you're on the newsletter list, because getting this online class FREE is only PART of it!  Just click on it for a real close up gaze!  You'll get the instructions to make this cool set of projects with the Fifth Avenue Floral Set we've been featuring lately.


If you haven't signed up for the newsletter yet, just use the box at the top left of this page.  Then you'll get the real low down!

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March 18 2009 Party over here!  We had a blast last night!  Rainbow cupcakes & flashing green necklaces!  YOWZAH!  Those stampers know how to party!  The little cage in front of the fireplace is my private corner of the world.  Have to put the cage up to make sure those girls don't try to steal my food!

Of course, they had some food of their own.  Those are cupcakes under that rainbow!  They wouldn't give me one though.  All that was left at the end was the pot of gold.

They even had clear drinks that they could make green!  YIKES!  What a scary crowd!

Hope you had a fun St. Patty's Day too!  There's more fun to come but it will all be behind the scenes.  Better get on the newsletter list so you'll be the first to know!

      Chow, Baby!
March 17 2009 Happy St. Patrick's Day!  If you haven't seen them already, take a look in my Video Gallery to see the 2 cool punch projects you can make with York Peppermint Patties. 

Don't you love this cool project stamped by Barbara Welch?  It's another wonderful project with the Fifth Avenue Floral set.  Just click on the pic for a close up.

I'm helping Ann get her mid-month newsletter & specials out.  Are you on the list?  (psst!  check the top right of this page!) Lotsa cool stuff coming up as Ann's getting ready to celebrate 5 years of being a FULL TIME Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.

You can join too!  Full time or part time positions available and easy ways to invest in your future.  Just ask Ann or check the Help Wanted Section.

      Chow, Baby!
March 15 2009 Is THIS supposed to be the Ides of March?  I don't know, but I do know that the peach trees across the street are blooming!  My how fast things change!  The trees looked like big sticks a couple weeks ago.  Now here they are looking like pink dusters!

Here's how Ann worked through deciding what swap to make.  She sent the one standing up to her buddy in Minnesota.  I know you can't see the all but they're all cool in their own right.  Her buddy's going to mail back 25 new card ideas that she'll be sharing at her April 1st celebration. 

What are we celebrating?  Do we NEED a reason?  It's the 5th anniversary of when Ann left the corporate world and started being a full time Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.  That's WAY different than when she started 10 years ago.  She just thought she'd do a workshop once a month.  Even when she started full time, I was just a glimmer in my mom's eye. 

You should join us!  NOW is the time!  There's even a quick & easy payment plan to help you get started.  Chat with Ann.  She'll get you started on the right paw.

      Chow, Baby!
March 14 2009 Well, did you survive Friday the 13th?  I can't believe they let you humans have TWO of them only 4 weeks apart!  AND close to full moons too!  It's enough to make me start barking at that big thing in the sky!

Here are two cards that Cecil got from some of my fans.  The one on the left is from Gail Kunsman of Yuba City & the one on the right is from my Texas sweetie, Stinker Doodle Bug, her roomie Sam & her mom, Kay Jackson.  I have more from my Sacramento friends that will knock your socks off too, but my official photographer must've shook the camera in excitement.  We'll have to reshoot because the picture isn't clear enough to let you drool sufficiently.

Here's a card that the stamp clubs are doing this month.  It looks like the Yuba City stamp club that's starting next month is full, but we can add another if you'd like!

Ann's got another treat up her sleeve for all you who have purchased a Big Shot from her.  you're going to like it!  I just have to sit her down long enough to DO IT!  We've got stamp class today so perhaps tomorrow.

Have you punched your Leprechauns yet?

      Chow, Baby!
March 13 2009 Happy Friday the 13th everyone!  We celebrated so much that we didn't even post Cecil's birthday card!  So here it is!  It's made with the Stampin' Up! Branch Out set.

Says HAPPY on the front (with a definition if you forgot what that means).  And it says BIRTHDAY on the inside.  Ann just finished it in time to hand it to Cecil as he walked in the door from work.

It's almost like the one they did at the Sacramento Stamp Club last night.  Tomorrow I'll feature some of cards that you all sent to our favorite fella.  We sure do appreciate it & he deserves it!

....but not as much as *I* do.

      Chow, Baby!
March 11 2009 We've been busier around here than the pooper scooper guy at the Dog Pound!  Isn't this a cute card made with the Big Shot? (named after me) Click for a close up so that you can see the fancy glitter on the lace.

First I want to welcome some of my newest fans on Ann's demonstrator group of 24/7 Stampers.  You should join us too!

  • Christina Stark, Sacramento, CA
  • Olivia Campos-Mulligan, Carmichael, CA
  • Pearl Hoines-Stoner, Billings, MT

Next - and the real celebration today - Happy Month-a-versary to Katelyn Hollingsworth of Yuba City!  Katelyn is one month old today!  Isn't she purdy?  Ann made the card for her (under my direction, of course), but she's can't seem to bring herself to put it in the envelope?

Does that every happen to you?  If so, MAKE TWO!


      Chow, Baby!
March 10 2009 Tomorrow we have a CELEBRATION AND DYNAMITE card for you.  Plus maybe a sneak peek at Cecil's first birthday card that came in the mail from my sweetie pie Doodles & her family.

But today, we have something else.  TWO treats, actually! 

First, a 40 second video dedicated to all the pups on the Eastern seaboard.  You've really been taking some abuse lately & I hope this makes you smile.  Sure worked for me & Ann!

  The left picture is a link to a video for all of you who have been thinking of decorating your favorite dog house with Decor Elements.  Just click on it to take you to Ann's part of the site where you'll see her l friend Jaron Winder of Stampin' Up! show you how to use Decor Elements on some things you may never have considered before.

We have 3 or 4 Decor Elements around here.  They're a little high off the ground for me to appreciate, but you humans sure seem to love them!  In fact, one of you mentioned how you couldn't even see the brush strokes!  (that's because they're AREN'T any!

   I'm such a smart dog!

    Chow, Baby!

P.S.  Three weeks from today is the last day of Sale-A-Bration!  Don't miss out!

March 9 2009 I think today's the day that Ann's getting new toys to play with.  I love to see that guy in the brown truck.  He makes Ann smile so I don't even bark until after he drives away. 

Here's a cool card that Ann made for a special friend that she's known for years.  It's got that cool Big Shot Texturz and that free Sale-A-Bration Designer Paper.  Who couldn't love this?  Easy too!

Only 3 short weeks left and then all the free Sale-A-Bration stuff is gone, baby!  Don't wait! 

      Chow, Baby!
March 8 2009 Sunday!  This is my favorite day!  I get a few hours at peace every Sunday morning.  No clickety click of the keyboard.  No pat pat pat on the stamp pads.  Ah, peace! 

So while they're gone, take a look at MY favorite card for this week.  Ann traded a card for it in a swap with some other dynamite demonstrators.  Don't you like it too?  Hope so because Ann's going to have this Cheep Talk set in just a couple days!

Be sure you're on Ann's newsletter list!  She's got a special coming out soon & you may not know about it unless you're on the list.  SO if you want to be in the know, sign up at the top left of this page.

Don't miss all the new stuff in the Art Gallery!  

      Chow, Baby!
March 7 2009 Today is another day for the little green man.  Ann made this fun card in his tribute at the Technique Geeks class this week.  They sure had fun!  You can get in on it too, but by then, I think I'll have caught up to the little green guy & ate him!  Click on it close & see the cool embossed background that they did.  Mary sponged the edge of her greeting, but Ann already had it on the card by the time the thought of sponges entered her wee brain.

Those little green guys are hard to catch so I promised Nery that I'd put up a still shot of the last two video projects.  Now she can get a good look at them.  Like with all the other pictures here, just click on them for a close up.  If you haven't seen the videos, they really are a hoot even if I do say so myself.  Ann gets tongue tied trying to sing the Punch a Lephrechaun theme song.  YOU try it!  See if you can sing the chorus!  I dare ya!

      Chow, Baby!

P.S.  Pot of Gold running dry?  Soon you'll be able to join Ann's team in a few easy payments rather than investing all your coins at once.  Interested?  Just ask us!

March 6 2009

YIKES!  A second post!  Tonight at midnight is the last time that you can vote for me!  I would so love to be the Humane Society's Poster Dog & YOU CAN HELP!  Just click on the picture & vote for me.  Yes, you need a donation to vote, but even a small one will help my canine & feline pals stay out of doggy jail by supporting Spay Day.

Help me help them realize what an adorable pup I really am.  (And yes, I DO tilt my head the other way too!)

Don't miss the new videos in the posts below & in the Video Gallery.

      Chow, Baby!
March 5 2009 I keep reminding myself that March comes in like a lion & out like a lamb.  It's getting cold here in Northern California, but not as cold as it is in the East.  I understand there's a white blanket on the other side of the country.  I've never seen one of those, but Cecil DOES like to watch the Weather Channel so I've seen some of the weird things you humans do in bad weather.

So here's a little card Ann cooked up for a recent swap to remind you that there is some green stuff underneath that white blanket.  Just click on it for a close up.  It's got some little bands of Handsome Hunter - a color that we haven't used in awhile.  You know that's named after me, don't you?  Big Shot Handsome Hunter was the name that the girls like to call me.

By the way, Cecil's birthday is next week.  Send him a card.  Not a sympathy card, but SOME kind of card.  He's had the sniffles for over 3 weeks & has to put up with the likes of Ann.....and me.

P.S.  Today's the last day you can get in on the Early Bird price for the Mama Mia Class.  Gotta do it!

      Chow, Baby!
March 4 2009 I am back!  Yes, Stamper Dog, the Stampin' Director is back with a vengeance!  The hardest part of this video was getting just the right music to entertain you.  Now you'll have a pot o' gold to go with your Leprechauns from my March 1st post.

Remember that my sharing St. Patrick's Day means that you should be starting to think about those Easter Projects!  Don't miss your chance to make a Sneak Peek Purchase of these sets & wheel.


 Welcome to the two newest Demonstrators on our team of 24/7 Stampers:

Pam Calvert,
Beale AFB

Lyn Biederstedt,
Bismarck, ND

So, when am I going to announce
YOUR name?

      Chow, Baby!
March 3 2009 OK.  Now that Ann's readers know, I guess it's okay to show it here.  That Occasions Mini catalog that you'll all be drooling over in April was delivered yesterday.  These three sets and wheel are available NOW so that you can get a Jack Russell start on your Easter stamping. 

I know that bunny's around here somewhere!

Oh yeah!  Just click on that picture & you'll see all the sets AND the cool wheel!  Then come back & shop with us!

I think I'll have the pot o' gold video done tomorrow.  It'll be great with the Leprechaun video below that you all love so much.  I've been auditioning bands for two days now.

      Chow, Baby!
March 1 2009 Happy March!  We are leaping into March with some real Jack Russell spirit!  Two things - okay 3 or 4 - just coming out today!  A special!  A video!  And new releases!  Check out the WHOLE post so you won't miss my Leap Into March special!

First, here's the video that you've all been asking for! 

Punch a Leprechaun!

This little green guy has a part deux coming out soon too! 

Then there's the Leap Into March special below that's only good for today & tomorrow, March 1st & 2nd.


  Make a $50+ purchase today or tomorrow & get the instructions & templates to make this cool set of projects for all your favorite hunny bunnies AND a Sale-A-Bration pick!  Order online or call or email Ann, but it's only today & tomorrow!  Then it's GONE, puppy!  You'll STILL be able to get some of those cool Sale-A-Bration free picks with purchase.

And right now, there's a sneak peek of 3 stamp sets & a wheel from the Occasions mini coming out in April that YOU CAN GET NOW!  Check them out & add them to your order!  And while you're at it, all you Big Shot Babes NEED to order item # 114517.  It's the Manhattan Flower Impressions Die that's featured on page #202 for $7.95.  It compliments the 5th Avenue Floral set.  YOWZAH!  Gotta have it!

I'm sure there's more, but tomorrow IS another day!

Oh yeah!  Start thinking about what card you'd like to send to my favorite human (other than Ann).  Cecil's birthday is March 12th.  Put on your stampin' cap.  I think there's going to be a card contest!

      Chow, Baby!
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